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A1 Safe Secure Electricians
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Everybody, at some stage, requires an electrician to take care of the electrical circuits in their house or place of work. If you are hiring an electrician, you must be aware of all the important qualities that a good electrician must possess. Having this knowledge will assist you in identifying between ‘electricians’ and ‘the others.’

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If you are looking for a property in the Marbella area then look no further I will find what you are looking for , all I need from you is to tell me what type of property you are looking for and the budget you have it is as simple as that .

Working hard to find you  your dream home Christine Creaser Properties .



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Why employ a full time graphic designer when you can hire one on a monthly retainer to suit your marketing budget.

Paul Scotton Design can guarantee a lower hourly rate if your company sets up a contract with us for as many hours a month you require at a set fee.

It’s a great solution for any company to keep up to date with fresh marketing materials and adverts etc without overspending the marketing budget.

Remember, ‘Graphic Design’ is not an expense …it is an investment in your company.

So wherever you are in the world contact me now to discuss how we can work together.


+34 617 423 094

+34 951 127 200


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Phone:  +34  677729620

Email: david.marrero@icajaen.es

Málaga – Granada – Jaén  – Madrid

MB abogados law firm professionals will defend your business and interests with total confidentiality. Our services are oriented not only to solving conflicts but also to helping avoid them by applying what is known as “preventive law”.

Preventive law seeks to anticipate and prevent legal problems and litigation in a broad scope of areas, such as privacy and data protection law, intellectual property, IT law, estate planning, corporate compliance, business planning, and property transactions. MB Lawyers also offer services in mediation and alternative dispute resolution, and legal advice.

By carrying out a legal audit we can produce a legal status report, which provides the status of the legal affairs of the business or personal client, presenting all possible legal risks, and will give a recommendation for action required. The report may include identification and analysis of: regulations and laws that apply to a business; corporate structure; employment and hiring practices; policies and procedures to identify and maintain confidential information; intellectual property rights (trademark, copyright, etc.); real property ownership; contracting; correspondence and documentation of jobs/projects; etc.

MB abogados will help you to minimize the risk of litigation, and will provide you with professional legal advice in case of litigation.

We strongly recommend that clients always seek professional legal advice.

Main branches of law

Commercial / Company Law

  • Legal advice for Company creation.
  • Incorporation of all types of companies.
  • Increase and decrease of share capital.
  • Liquidation of companies.
  • Insolvency law.
  • IT Law, copyright (…)

Civil Law

  • Civil liability and Insurance.
  • Separation and divorce.
  • Civil liability.
  • Legacies, wills (…)

Property Law

  • Steps prior to completion: reservation agreements.
  • Option to purchase agreements.
  • Rentals and sales contracts.
  • After-sales service; inscription of deeds at the property registry.
  • Urban leases and horizontal property(...)

Criminal Law

  • Defense in criminal trials.
  • Police arrest assistance and court assistance.
  • Prosecution: criminal claims, indictments and both private and public charges.
  • Appeals to the higher courts.
  • Application for bail; Application for provisional liberty; Calls for pardon; Requests for grade 3 prison regime (…)

Tax Law

Whether you are a resident or non-resident in Spain, you should familiarize yourself with the relevant tax obligations and your rights

and privileges under Spanish Law.

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Eriksson Exclusive


Eriksson Exclusive Woodworks will design, produce and fit any type off furniture for you and your home.

We will tailor make your furniture for kitchens, libraries, housebars, bathrooms etc.
Outside we can offer you a couple off the best decking materials in the
world and to that, we’re also able to design your own pergola.

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no need to paint english

We won’t just paint your property, we’ll protect it with long-lasting waterproof and breathable exterior wall coatings! Andura Abroad Noneedtopaint system makes repetitive house painting a thing of the past, with a specialist exterior wall coating that lasts up to ten times longer than any ordinary paint. It won’t crack, flake, peel or fade and is guaranteed for 15 years!


How you can save energy!
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We know that double glazed windows are better than single pane ones, but also you have to know that the double glazing must have sufficient space between the two crystals, to start with a normal glass 4mm and 16mm camera and other 4mm glass and we would have energy saving ( 4/16/4 ). All this in a normal glazing of all windows that are now installing right now.

Swimming pools
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There seems to be a new trend we’re seeing on the Costa del Sol when it comes to swimming pools. And personally am quite glad to witness the departure of the very common blue mosaic dolphin at the bottom of the swimming pool to be replaced by stylish white mosaics which reflect the sky so beautifully.

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Whether it be your logo, business card, advert or brochures etc, it needs to be professional and, most importantly, tell your potential clients what services you provide. Usually it is these marketing materials that are seen before they meet you in person.

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Welcome to Paul Scotton Design

We are passionate about design and treat each project like a masterful piece of artwork, stimulating everyones visual appeal. Our designers, webmasters and multimedia experts illustrate your vision that will take your company to the top on a journey of success.

We meet the consumers needs with our creative techniques to portray the required message directly to the minds and hearts of people in an effective way through print and online multimedia.

Visual solutions of the client’s demands can be met by us through forms of Corporate Identities, Logo Design, Brochures, Flyers, Downloadable PDF’s, Marketing Materials, CD & DVD Covers, Exhibition Displays, T-Shirt Graphics, Website Design, SEO, Flash Animations, Multimedia Presentations, Cartoons, Illustrations, Digital Photo Retouching, Visual Concepts.

Trusted Trades Association Invitation

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PROMAS – A professional team of builders with over 13 years experience in Spain and in the UK.
Andy and his team will undertake any type of renovation from full house reforms and extensions to small home improvements including:
Masonry Plumbing Decking
Plastering Air conditioning Pergolas
Tiling Electrics Patios
Swimming pools Painting Carpentry
With our experienced and professional team, reliable equipment and efficient service we work to strict deadlines to ensure our completion date is met and that you are satisfied with our service.
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Our Promise to you, our customer

We are fanatical about our high standards, unlike some companies.
we will never send you an electrician that isn’t fully qualified. It’s our aim
to provide you with a friendly and professional service at an affordable

Your home is in safe hands

Your satisfaction and future recommendation is very important to
us. So if you are not satisfied with our service tell us and we will rectify the
problem quickly and efficiently.


TTA Miscellaneous Documents will be posted here. Visit again soon.

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