Swimming pools
Nov 2014 18

There seems to be a new trend we’re seeing on the Costa del Sol when it comes to swimming pools. And personally am quite glad to witness the departure of the very common blue mosaic dolphin at the bottom of the swimming pool to be replaced by stylish white mosaics which reflect the sky so beautifully.

The swimming pool is the ultimate garden amenity, the centre of family life with children spending the most of their summers in the water. It also the main focal point of the garden and landscape, one should complement the other.


Because you will only build it once, and it’s an expensive proposition, it is important to spend time over the design which should be timeless. The materials should be of high quality to endure the chemically treated water and the weather. Illumination by night is also a powerful tool to create stunning visual effects. The pool coping and grates should all be taken into consideration as well as the patio, terraces and chill out areas around.

We, at ProMas Building, can give you the ultimate outdoor pool. We offer a bespoke service individual to each client with a range of custom dimensions to include, shape, depth, width, type, style of steps, colour, etc

Whether you’ re updating or upgrading your swimming pool, adding heat to prolong the summer months in the water either by electricity or solar energy, choosing between chlorine or salt water system and presenting you a range of pool covers.   We can offer you a personal visit to view samples and explore ideas at a mutually convenient appointment.

You can contact me by email andy@promasbuilding.com or call me on +34 699 582 569