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Why employ a full time graphic designer when you can hire one on a monthly retainer to suit your marketing budget.

Paul Scotton Design can guarantee a lower hourly rate if your company sets up a contract with us for as many hours a month you require at a set fee.

It’s a great solution for any company to keep up to date with fresh marketing materials and adverts etc without overspending the marketing budget.

Remember, ‘Graphic Design’ is not an expense …it is an investment in your company.

So wherever you are in the world contact me now to discuss how we can work together.

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Whether it be your logo, business card, advert or brochures etc, it needs to be professional and, most importantly, tell your potential clients what services you provide. Usually it is these marketing materials that are seen before they meet you in person.

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Welcome to Paul Scotton Design

We are passionate about design and treat each project like a masterful piece of artwork, stimulating everyones visual appeal. Our designers, webmasters and multimedia experts illustrate your vision that will take your company to the top on a journey of success.

We meet the consumers needs with our creative techniques to portray the required message directly to the minds and hearts of people in an effective way through print and online multimedia.

Visual solutions of the client’s demands can be met by us through forms of Corporate Identities, Logo Design, Brochures, Flyers, Downloadable PDF’s, Marketing Materials, CD & DVD Covers, Exhibition Displays, T-Shirt Graphics, Website Design, SEO, Flash Animations, Multimedia Presentations, Cartoons, Illustrations, Digital Photo Retouching, Visual Concepts.