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Everybody, at some stage, requires an electrician to take care of the electrical circuits in their house or place of work. If you are hiring an electrician, you must be aware of all the important qualities that a good electrician must possess. Having this knowledge will assist you in identifying between ‘electricians’ and ‘the others.

Following are some of the important qualities that a good electrician has. The knowledge of these qualities is crucial, while determining that which electrician you should hire, and why. A1 SafeSecure Electricians are the number 1 choice for many businesses and house holders on the Costa del Sol, and we work hard to keep our reputation for quality and value.

1. Well-Qualified and Certified:

A good electrician must always be well-qualified and certified according to his relevant field. A1 SafeSecure Electricians are fully qualified to install, upgrade and repair commercial, industrial and domestic systems. And of course issue the relevant certification.

2. Relevant Experience:

A good electrician also has the required level of relevant experience, which enables him to tackle all the different situations that may arise during his professional life. A1 SafeSecure Electricians have over 25 years of experience, giving us a second to none insight to most situations that arise.

3. Price Estimate:

A good electrician is the one, who is able to give you a near-perfect estimate for your whole project. He does not avoid giving you a ceiling price for the entire amount of work. If he is not too sure about an estimate or a quote, he asks you for a visit, in order to judge the amount. A1 SafeSecure Electricians will always, on request, issue a FREE and concise quotation for your work. On major projects A1 SafeSecure Electricians will always issue a schedule of works to assist in the coordination of all and any other trades involved.